About Us

Ndigbo Youth Parliament is a platform that serves as a garden where Patriotic and community-oriented Politicians are nurtured!

It’s a forum that brings Ndigbo Youth, who are into politics, together to form a formidable force in projecting the overall interest of Ndigbo and the development of the Igbo-speaking states.

We, Ndigbo Youth Parliamentarians, are to serve as watchdogs against “political rogues” who rob our communities of our rightful political dividends and those who neglect the primary obligations of their political mandates.

We intend to foster peace between Ndigbo Youth and the Youth of other ethnic nationalities in the propagation of peaceful coexistence of our Youths in every state and for the unity of the Nation.

We strive to encourage the Igbo women to delve into politics; to create equal opportunities for the female folk to thrive in politics and not to be seen as inferiors.

We are poised to wage war against money politics and all forms of political violence and malpractices in Igbo-speaking states.

#” Patriotism” is our watchword!

#” Youth Empowerment” is our Mantra!!

#Development is our Target!!!

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