Every 27th day of May, the world celebrates the Children all over the world. It’s an annual celebration of great magnitude.

Children’s day is always a day of joy for both parents and the children all over the world. I remember the joy that emanated from the celebration while I was a kid, especially when I participated in the “match-pass” at our local government headquarters, where we often competed with other schools and children. It was always fun and memorable and a day we looked forward to. There was peace, love and no fear of terrorist attack of any kind. We weren’t bothered much about “saftey” but were concentrated on displaying the best “match-pass”, wonderful dance-steps and on winning the trophies.

Today, the story is different. So many parents are afraid of letting their kids participate in the events of the Children’s day for the fear of insecurity. What about the children living in terror-ridden zones? They are denied of this opportunity of participating “freely”, in the events of the Children’s day. They are denied of the “fun-filled” opportunity of interacting with the children from other social and educational backgrounds. What a pity!!!

My dearest Children in Nigeria and in Diaspora, I wish to congratulate you on this special day of yours. It’s your day; own it, enjoy it and learn from it. Learn that:

  • You are the leaders of tomorrow, so start learning how to lead.
  • You are the Chief judges and lawyers of tomorrow, so start learning how to be just, corrupt-free and dispense justice without fear or favour.
  • You are the Doctors and Nurses of tomorrow, so start learning how to be caring and tender-hearted for the humanity.
  • You are the Scientsists and Tecnologists of tomorrow, so start learning how to invent and create.
  • You are the super-star Artistes of tomorrow, so start learning how to Act, Sing, Dance and handle musical instruments.
  • You are Nobel prize winning Authors of tomorrow, so start learning how to write, articulate and be creative.
  • You are the Sports legends of tomorrow, so start learning how to engage in different aspects of sports of your interests and master them.
  • You are the Heroes of tomorrow, so start learning how to be Patriotic and place your country’s interest first before other selfish interests.
  • You are the world class Entrepreneurs of tomorrow, so start learning how not to depend on white collar jobs but to be innovative and business-oriented.
  • You are the great teachers of tomorrow, so start learning how to live by example and how to teach.

The list is endless! It clearly shows that there are several areas you can concentrate on. Do your best to specialize on them so as to write your names on the sands of time.

However, be it known to you that you cannot achieve “the deep-rooted greatness” if you don’t build a good foundation as a child and if you do not learn to be obedient to God Almighty, to your parents & Guidians and to the constituted Authorities. Cultivate the habit of love, peace and respect. Aspire to be Great!

Please, do not aspire to emulate some of the “Youth and Elders” who have decided to thread the parts of violence, corruption, selfishness, injustice, drug abuse, human trafficking, child-abuse, domestic violence and other social vices. All these vices and ills perpetrated by these “Youth and Elders” are the catalysts that have spurred poverty, educational deficiencies, infrastructural inadequacies, terrorism, dilapidation of hospitals and health centres, to mention but a few.

My dearest Children, the resultant effects and aftermath of these ills and vices are nothing to write home about. They make our world “a horrible place” and your future very bleak!!!

To the world Leaders, especially the leaders of this Great Nation – Nigeria, I beckon on you to do your best to make the future “less bleak” for these Children by putting in place the things that will make this Nation a better place. Be touched by the fact that some children are out of school, some are very sick without any means of getting medical treatment, some are bedevilled by terrorism and are displaced from their homes, some are homeless and majority can’t afford a meal in a day, let alone
“three-squared meals” a day. Forget not the fact that the “sweetness or the miserableness” of your old age will be “determined” by these children. If they grow up bruised they will “bruise your old age” and vice versa.

Once again, my dearest Children,congratulations as we celebrate you all today. May your future be bright, brighter and brightest. May you grow up being proud citizens of this great Nation – Nigeria. God bless you all! Enjoy your day!!!

God bless Nigeria!

Long live the Children!
Long live the Youths!!
Long live Nigeria!!!

I’m Rt. Hon. Rikki Chinedu Nwajiofor, Cmi.
Hon. Speaker,
Ndigbo Youth Parliament (NYP).



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