FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE: We Frown At The Security Situation In The Southeast, Especially In Imo State

FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE: We Frown At The Security Situation In The Southeast, Especially In Imo State

The current security situation in the Southeast, especially in Imo state, is quite disheartening. Innocent citizens and security personnel are murdered on daily basis, by yet to be identified gunmen. This is quite condemnable as we are highly saddened by what our beloved Southeast has degenerated to. 

Ndigbo Youth Parliament has continued to sue for peace across the nation, especially in the Southeast. We highly condemn the gruesome murder of Ahmed Gulak in Owerri, whose death is capable of igniting ethnic reprisals, if not well managed. In the same vein, we extremely frown at the murder of innocent citizens, who met their untimely death in the hands of unknown gunmen, as they went about their daily hustles.  The grisly killing of security personnel, who were exterminated while serving our beloved Nation, is quite heinous and atrocious. These are atrocities that should be condemned by every patriotic well-meaning  Igbo person. 

The menaces of unknown gunmen are gradually turning our beloved Southeast to a war zone, especially Imo state. People now live in fear and can no longer move freely for their daily hustles. All hands should be on deck to assist the security agencies in annihilating these enemies of our land. We cannot afford to watch our enamoured Southeast, traditionally known for peace and tranquility, turn to a crisis-ridden zone. 

We, therefore, call on all the security agencies, all patriotic Igbo personalities and all well meaning Nigerians cum organizations to join hands with Ndigbo Youth Parliament as we organize the “Ndigbo Youth Security Summit”, geared towards finding lasting solutions to the insecurity that has bedevilled our cherished Southeast. 

Our Youths need to be called to a roundtable for heart-to-heart discussions; a roundtable where grievances of every aggrieved party  will be placated and solutions for peace proffered. We believe that Ndigbo Youth are lovers of peace and, if given sufficient sense of belonging, will collaborate with security agencies in fishing out the enemies of our land. The said “unknown gunmen” are not spirits, they are humans and they come from communities – either as visitors or as  indigenes. Thus, they can be traced to their roots, when Youths are convinced to get involved. These are among the targeted outcomes of the proposed Ndigbo Youth Security Summit, scheduled to hold in Enugu state.

As we beckon on the people of Southeast, especially the Youths, to remain law abiding and avoid associating with any unlawfully created sect, we plead with the security personnel to always remember the rules of engagement while combating insecurity. It has come to our notice that some bad eggs in the security agencies, who are hellbent on giving our gallant security agencies bad image, are acting outside the rules of engagement. We have the reports that some innocent citizens are being harassed and apprehended, especially in Imo state. Such acts are capable of creating more animosity and worsening the situation. Security personnel should desist from actions that can depict them as Foes instead of Friends. The Youths can only collaborate with the security personnel when they are seen as friends. 

We sincerely condole with the families of all those who met their untimely death, both the security personnel and civilians, since the eruption of this hydra-headed monster of insecurity in the Southeast. May the Almighty God grant them the fortitude to bear the bereavement. May the dead enjoy blissful rest, as we pray that their spilled blood intervenes for peace in our beloved region.

Rt. Hon. Rikki Nwajiofor, Cmi. 

Hon. Speaker 

Ndigbo Youth Parliament (NYP).

02 – 06 -2021.


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