Kaduna Rail Attack: NYP Mourns Dr. Chinelo, Other Deceased Victims

Kaduna Rail Attack: NYP Mourns Dr. Chinelo, Other Deceased Victims

…. urges Security Chiefs to step up action

….berates Super Eagles over failure to honour victims

The Honorable Speaker of Ndigbo Youth Parliament, NYP, Rt. Hon. Rikki Nwajiofor, has condemned the fatal attack on Kaduna-bound train by armed dissidents.

Rt. Hon. Nwajiofor bemoaned the untimely death of a promising young medical Doctor, Dr. Chinelo, who was murdered in cold blood by the terrorists.

He implored the security Chiefs, the Honorable Minister of Defence and all security agencies in the country to step up their mechanisms in combatting terrorism in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the NYP, equally berated the Super Eagles, noting that whereas the World Cup qualifying game between Nigeria and Ghana took place few hours after the Kaduna train attack, the players failed to wear black arm bands in honour of the victims and in solidarity with their grieving families.

“The death of Dr. Chinelo Megafum, a promising young medical Doctor, and other innocent Nigerians whose lives were cut short by the terrorists, is quite devastating.

“The vibrant life of a young lady, who has made necessary plans to seek for greener pastures outside the shores of Nigeria, was cut short by those monsters who seem to have been left unguarded and unbridled.

“How do we expect their families to feel? How long will it take them to get over the trauma? Will they still believe in the Nigerian project? Your guess is as good as mine.

“I call on all the Security Chiefs and the Honorable Minister of Defence to step up in their mechanisms and approach of combating this hydra-headed monster called terrorism.

“There is an urgent need to restore the confidence the masses once had on our security agencies. No one feels safe any longer.

“No day passes by without news of an attack from these enemies of our nation. There will never be any progressive headway in Nigeria, economically and otherwise, if the issue of insecurity is not urgently resolved and these monsters annihilated.

“I condole with all the families who have, in one way or the other, lost their loved ones in the hands of these monsters – terrorists, bandits, kidnappers, unknown gunmen, and armed herdsmen.

“May God grant you the needed fortitude to bear the irreparable losses. I pray that the fallen heroes, who died combating these monsters, and all those who have died in the hands of these monsters may enjoy blissful rest.

“It is disheartening to note that, a day after some Compatriots were murdered by terrorists as they attacked the train enroute kaduna from Abuja, Nigeria Super Eagles played a football match against Ghanaian team in Abuja without putting on any black arm bands in honour of the slained.

“That was so callous of them and I wonder how they expected to win that match when the land was recently soaked with innocent blood? I vehemently condemn such an oversight.

“It is also quite worrisome to note that, at the end of that football match, Nigerians were collectively angry that the super Eagles lost in the match (no world cup for them) but we aren’t collectively bothered about the rising insecurity in nigeria and the future of this country.

“Quite disheartening to observe that we are not collectively worried about the fact that most politicians, and some people at the top, are busy destroying the future of this great nation and playing with the lives of millions of Nigerians.

“We are busy singing Hallelujah chorus for the same crop of political monsters and unrepentant looters who have regrouped to steal our mandates, come 2023. I weep for my generation”, Rt. Hon Nwajiofor stated.


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